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Aluminum Herbs Grinder - 4" (100mm) - XL Heavy Duty - 4 parts

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Key Features

[KEEPS THE HERBS FRESH] The sharp teeth of the Pitara Aluminum Grinder are designed to make sure that the herbs and spices are crushed efficiently. The air-tight sealable lid of the grinder keeps the herbs fresh and ready to use anytime.

[4-PIECE GRINDER WITH A SMALL SCRAPER] This is a 4-piece aluminum herb grinder. It comes with a storage compartment, provided to store the herbs. The grinder does not burr or drop the debris as other metal grinders do.

[PREMIUM QUALITY] Made of high-quality and safe aluminum material, the Pitara Heavy Duty Spice Grinder is ideal for quick and easy use. Keeping freshness in and preventing the aroma of herbs from escaping is made possible by heavy-duty aluminum.

[PORTABLE] Multi-functionality is one of the advantages of wholesale grinders. In addition to being easy to use, it is also portable. Its small size and travel-friendly feature allow you to carry it anywhere you want.

[OUR PROMISE] In order to provide the best possible customer experience, we are persistently doing our best to improve. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, you can send the grinder back to us with no ifs and buts. We will refund you the full amount or send a new grinder on request.


Product Description 

Perfect for Quick & Easy Use

Its lightweight and compact design enables quick and easy use of the herb grinder. In order to get powder from this grinder, all you have to do is turn it left and right while holding it.

Assorted Colors & Transparent Design

This pack of 4-piece aluminum grinders comes in Black color and a transparent design so that you can see the process. It is much easier to grind powder when you can clearly see the grinding progress, which will enhance your grinding efficiency.

4-Piece Perfect Spice Grinder 

The grinder has 4-piece for crushing the herbs and for storage of the output. Put your stuff in the 4-piece herb grinder and twist away to get the desired smooth powder. Store the herbs in the stash to keep them fresh and safe from the air. 

Ergonomic Design

An enhanced shredder tooth pattern ensures fine and more uniform grinding of the herbs, spices, and coffee. Its ergonomic design has made the use of the aluminum herb grinder like a breeze.



Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 4” (100mm)

Number of Sharp Teeth: 24

Color:  Black

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