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Glass Jars - BLACK - UV Protected - SMELL PROOF Air Tight Jar (Wide&Short Size)

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PITARA Glass Jars 

Airtight Smell Proof Container - Travel Canister for Keeping Herbs Fresh - Discreet Odor-Sealing Storage Holders with UV Protection, Zero-BPA Plastic Lids 


Here’s how to keep your herbs tasting fresh, green, and potent.

It’s not enough to dump your stash into any old jar and be done with it. Your biggest enemies here are air, humidity, heat, and sun exposure–and it’s the last two degrading compounds that give your plants their aroma and flavor.

If you want to preserve your product, keep it cool, dark, and dry. But if you also want to keep dirt out and the fragrance in, you’ll need something airtight and reliably smell-proof. Easy to seal, protected, and compact, you’ll be surprised how far you can go with a simple glass jar.


Key Benefits

Protect and preserve the potency of herbs with PITARA Glass Jars.

You’ll get smooth, black glass thickened near opacity, fitted with BPA-free, struggle-proof plastic lids. They’ll survive a bumpy ride in your bag or pocket, with rounded corners that help stop friction in its tracks.

> Block out heat and UV rays to prevent your greens from dulling and drying out. Our jars are also smell-proof, ensuring that the identity of your contents stays between you and the lid. By keeping humidity in check, you can guarantee that your leaves stay fresh but never moist–discouraging any unwanted growth.

Our jars come in three sizes you can buy per piece or bundled, with the smallest, 1.8” jar carrying up to 50mL, the 4.4” medium version carrying up to 200mL, and the largest 4” jar up to 250mL. PITARA black glass jars are ideal for storing tea leaves, aromatic spices, dried herbs, and even coffee.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more excellent reasons to use our sturdy glass jars for your supply

  • Backed by a hassle-free, satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide mouth is easy to refill - Also works for powders and flakes
  • Thick glass withstands knocks and drops


Keep your dry goods fresh for months. Add the PITARA Glass Jars to your cart TODAY.


What will you perceive? 

Keeps Your Herbs Fresh - Make your dry goods last for months inside airtight herb containers that stop smells and flavor from escaping. We have 3 available sizes, so find what best meets your needs.

Heavy-Duty Herb Jars - Our smellproof stash jars are made of heavy glass, featuring screw-top lids of durable, BPA-free plastic. Leak-proof lids ensure the contents are packed safely and securely.

Discreet, Sleek & Stylish - Smooth in slick black with only our logo to adorn it, our scent proof storage jars are easy to hide in plain sight. Rounded corners help them fit comfortably in your pockets.

Way Better Coverage - The darker finish and thicker walls also help protect your product from flavor-leaching UV rays. Store your spices and tea leaves right to preserve their freshness and taste.

Bundles Galore - You can buy our 50mL, 200mL, and 250mL jars per piece or take advantage of our bundles. Buy one small and one medium, one small and one large, or one medium and a large jar together.


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