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Glass Bats / One Hitter Pipe - 20/50pcs PACK

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Glass Bats / One Hitter Weed


Key Features

  • 100mm long (4") - 2mm thick - high premium refined glass.
  • Tastier flavour and smoother puffs.
  • Take all the way down without worrying about your filter burning.
  • Reusable & easy to clean.
  • Use them as many times as you like and enhance your smoking experience over and over again.



Size: 12*100mm
Length: 100mm
Internal diameter: 8mm
External diameter: 12mm



  • *100mm long (4') - 2mm thick 
  • *high premium refined glass
  • *Tastier flavor and smoother puffs
  • *easy clean and reusable


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