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Whip/Hose replacement - old school Vaporizer models

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PITARA Whip/Vaporizer Tube

Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Freshener - Hookahs/Shisha - fit for TopVapor - EZ Vape- Retro Vapes, Classico Vapes and more - each come with FREE 5 extra replacement screens pack


  • Around 40" inch length - 100cm
  • food grade safety silicone hose with glass attachments - Fit to most brands/models.
  • Each come with FREE 5 extra replacement screens pack.
  • Whip hose replacement fully washable.
  • Borosilicate refine glass - 18mm Glass Head.

Vaporizer/Herbal Aromatherapy  Whip/Hose Replacement - fit most brands/models

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