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Pitara tips brand was established in 2007, its main goal was to change the rolling and smoking experience of the not experienced rollers and enhance the experience of those who know.  

In 2014 after a long way Pitara Tips brand
 proud to be part of Pit's Green, a leader wholesaler in the smoking accessories industry with many unique brands. 

Pit's Green brand has set for itself a high standard for development and distribution of products. 
here in Pit's Green we proud by our developed products that fits your experience perfectly and our great team that always serve you when need to make sure you can find the perfect products! our online smokeshop make sure you will have the right stuff for your needs. 
Feedback is the Key!

We appreciate and look forward to hear your feedback so we can improve and adjust ourselves to your exact needs and wishes; Pit's Green development team is always looking for new inventive ideas which will idealize your puff.  

Keep Rolling!

Pit's Green Team

Always look on the GREEN side of life!